JSO 10K Course Records

Official record keeping started in 2010 when we went to chip timing with Precision Race

Current overall Course Record

(M) Daniel Schlich 33:52 (2019)

(F) Mary Tramazzo 38:58.1 (2017)

24th Annual- November 14 , 2020

This year was done as a virtual race due to COVID-19

23rd Annual- November 9, 2019

(Clear skies, 28 degrees, dry course)

(M) Daniel Schlich: Southern Pines, NC 33:52

(F) Cara Musumeci: Cary, NC 43:55

22nd Annual- November 10, 2018

(Clear skies, 35 degrees, wet-muddy course)

(M) Ma Leandro: Fayetteville, NC 40:54

(F) Patricia O'Toole: Hope Mills, NC 45:27

21st Annual- November 11, 2017

(Clear skies, 32 degrees, semi-wet course)

(M) Joseph Cotto: Fayetteville, NC 35:57.9

(F) Mary Tramazzo: Fayetteville, NC 38:58.1

20th Annual- November 12, 2016

(Clear skies, 41 degrees, dry course, but damaged)

(M) Luke Blok: Fort Bragg, NC 40:05

(F) Claudia McNally: Fort Bragg, NC 43:05

19th Annual- November 14, 2015

(Clear skies, 35 degrees, semi-wet course)

(M) Lukasz Willenberg: Fayetteville, NC 39:37

(F) Caitlin Valle: Fayetteville, NC 44:53

18th Annual- November 8, 2014

(Clear skies, 34 degrees, dry course)

(M) Mark Kazmierczaki: Schertz, TX 36:52

(F) Andrea Kramer: Fayetteville, NC 46:15

17th Annual- November 9, 2013 (Clear skies)

(M) David Tyson: Fayetteville, NC 37:50

(F) Claudia Garcia: Fayetteville, NC 41:49

16th Annual- November 10, 2012 (Clear skies)

(M) Artist Jones: Fort Bragg, NC 36:35

(F) Tana Kornachuk: Whispering Pines, NC 40:36

15th Annual- November 11, 2011 (Clear skies)

(M) Joshua Eddy: Pittsburgh, PA 35:58

(F) Claudia Garcia: Fayetteville, NC 41:21

14th Annual- November 10, 2010 (Clear skies)

(M) Jeffrey Glick: Fort Bragg, NC 37:35

(F) Nicole Smith: Fayetteville, NC 44:09